Have you ever started on the path to a healthy lifestyle, with great intentions and motivation, but then find yourself lapsing after a couple of weeks or months? Or even days?

Don’t worry – you are not alone and there is a way out of your rut.

I am here to help. TrainWithJoo is a private, personal training company whose focus is to set you up for success through customized, individualized and small group personal training.

Together we design your Individual Fitness Program (IFP) with you and your goals in mind. All workouts and nutritional suggestions are tailored for you because no two people are the same or starting from the same place.

This is a collaborative process: with my guidance and expertise, you will achieve your goal and I’ll help you make it a life-long reality.

I will! And I’ll help you make it a reality.

Let me make it EASY for you by taking all the guesswork out of becoming fit!

  • No expensive or complicated equipment
  • Reduced risk of injury
  • Convenient times
  • All in the privacy of your OWN home!
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    Weight Loss

    • Making YOUR weight loss goals a reality.
    • A new way to look at nutrition.
    • A new way people will look at you.

    Strength and Conditioning

    • Achieve optimal fitness and endurance.
    • More core strength and power.
    • A lean, conditioned physique.

    Medical Exercise

    • Controlling High Blood Pressure.
    • Managing Arthritis and Diabetes.
    • Combating Osteoporosis.

    Sport-Specific Training

    • Getting that competitive edge.
    • Improving performance.
    • Being the best you can be.

    Youth Training

    • Nurturing athletic development.
    • Preventing child obesity.
    • Raising developmental fitness.

    Not in the area?

    • Don’t let that stop you!
      I work with people all over the country by phone and help them get set up with a clear program and ongoing support.

    ABout sean

    Sean has been involved in his own fitness and transformation for the past 15 years and has acquired, the hard way, the information, skills, and TRAINING ATTITUDE required for RESULTS!
    He has explored the myths and misconceptions about what is required to achieve excellent results and has reduced them down to key, easy-to-digest principles making it easier for you to attain your goals.
    Certified by the American College of Sports Medicine, the National Strength and Conditioning Association, the gold standard of certifications, as well as expanding his exercise science education with new and exciting modalities like TRX® Suspension Training and TRX® Rip Training. Sean started out in Fine Arts with a Bachelor’s degree from Pratt Institute and has had a very successful career in graphic design but felt a real calling to pursue his love and passion for health and fitness and share it with people just like you.
    Sean is the definition of “professional”. His clients range from celebrities to business owners to stay-at-home moms.
    Despite being from such different backgrounds and lifestyles, what Sean’s clients all have in common is they always feel attended to, supported, and encouraged – leaving their workouts feeling better about themselves than when they started.

    Client Testimonials

    • As a physician, there is nobody I would trust my patients with more than Sean Joo. There are many factors that can keep people from reaching their goals and without specific knowledge and real intelligence any physical training program can lead to wasting time, money, and effort. Most personal trainers will do a good-enough job “working you out.” I know the patients of mine that are assessed, trained, and educated by Sean will have a dramatic advantage in achieving and maintaining their health and fitness goals.

      David R. Gurley, MD, Founder, WholeLifeMedicine.com
    • Sean is an exceptional fitness trainer. I felt he really listened to me on the first day we worked together. I wanted to discuss my goals, but I was also concerned about an old shoulder injury. In the past I have felt that other trainers that I worked with glossed over anything that wasn’t “happy and positive”. Sean was really concerned with my injury and then proceeded to customize an intense, thoughtful, safe workout that I thought I was not capable of attempting because of my fear of my shoulder “going out”. The amazing thing is, I was on my way to getting in the best shape I’ve been in years as well as watching an old chronic injury finally heal under his care and custom designed workouts. Sean’s workouts both strengthened my body and rehab’d my shoulder at the same time. His knowledge is excellent. By the way, he walks the walk. That man is in ridiculous condition himself!

      Dr. Doug Willen, Chiropractor, DougWillen.com
    • I must confess I went into training with Sean with great trepidation. I’d never worked with a trainer before and I didn’t think I’d make it through one session. With Sean all my fears and worries were unfounded: Sean is warm, supportive and really fun. The pace and difficulty were just right. I felt challenged but not overwhelmed. Sean has a great depth of knowledge about the body, anatomy, and nutrition so he was able to work to my individual needs and offer alternatives and suggestions. In just a short time with Sean’s training I’ve already noticed a change in my body and I feel great. Thanks Sean!

      Rachel Tall, NJ
    • Working out with Sean is great! Not only did he guide me through a challenging set of exercises, he also shared nutritional tips that are really easy to implement. The whole experience was awesome!

      Ellen Brown, NJ
    • If you want a personal trainer who is demanding, but amiable and supportive, then Sean is the personal trainer for you. In each session he is positive and energetic, but in a sincere way, not saying a lot of empty platitudes like you get with many other trainers. I am a relatively young guy (29), but nevertheless have knee troubles–on days when my knees are especially problematic, Sean has been willing an able to adjust the program to either work with the issue or around it, but never bullying me to push through. Outside of sessions, he’s very responsive to emails with questions, thoughts or comments about routine and especially about nutrition. He’s very concerned about your whole program–everything you’re doing and eating, not just when you are training in front of him. Sean is a really excellent trainer to work with.

      Earl Banks, NYC

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